Sunday, July 8, 2012

Long time, no posts.

Remember me?  I run this little blog.  At least, I used to... man, the last several weeks have been nuts since kids got out of school, vacations have come and gone, and now we're in full time summer mode, which means mama's on duty a lot more!

But...don't let that fool you.  I've still been working!  So I have some catch-up posting to do!

I'll start with two tables that we've owned for years, but since we just inherited a truckload of furniture from downsizing family members, we were starting to look like Value City Furniture around here.  So, the black coffee table and console table had to go!

Rather than taking them to Goodwill, I decided to offer them up to my Facebook contacts as candidates for custom paint jobs.  I got two takers! I'll post here about the console table, the taller of the two.

We decided the console table would stay black, and get a monogram and some detail on the drawer front.

This was our inspiration - an awesome hutch/cabinet done by a lovely lady named Michele, over at The Scrappe Shop Blog.  I pinned this baby a long time ago, and this console table was the perfect piece to try out a similar design!

She used vinyl on her piece, but I just used paint.

I found the letter T online that I wanted, printed it out and traced it onto posterboard.  That became my stencil.  I centered it on the top of the table and penciled around it, then used the ivory colored acrylic paint to fill it in.  Then I actually used a paper plate like the one above to trace a circle around the T so I could paint that, and then I freehanded some "leaves."  Disclaimer: I am a very eyeball-it kind of girl... I'm sure there are more scientific ways to transfer designs onto furniture... I just haven't gotten there yet.

I did the same thing for the drawer front, drew up a posterboard stencil to fit the drawer front, and repeated the pattern all the way across.  I LOVE how this turned out.  So striking, and honestly, easy!!  I could see using a paint pen for this type of work, too.  I just used very fine brushes.

This is one lovely table - a high-impact makeover with not a lot of work involved.  I'm thrilled to be sending this to the home of a good friend so I can see it in her foyer. :-)

Thank you, Michele, for the inspiration!!

Here's a view of the finished product...

So the next time you have to get rid of a piece... offer it to your peeps and try out a fun, new design.
Thanks for reading!



  1. Awesome! The T gives it such a touch...

  2. Oh wow, Anne, this looks AMAZING! What a difference the paint makes! I'm so glad my hutch could inspire you. Thanks for the link love, and I will be sharing this on my Facebook page! :)