Scouting for Secondhand Treasures

I offer people a scouting service if they're looking for furniture pieces.  I'll take your cell number down, and get details on what kind of piece(s) you'd like, and what price range works for your budget.  Then I monitor Craigslist, check yard sales and estate sales, thrift stores, etc. for a piece that's right.  When I find something I think might work, I'll text you a pic.  If you like it, I'll pick it up, (if it's Craigslist, I'll contact the seller and negotiate price for you when possible) and bring it to my home/studio.

Once we have the piece (ideally at as low a cost as possible for you) we can dream up a fun way to customize it.  I'll also take care of any small repairs, etc.  You choose your paint color, and I will transform the castoff into a crowning glory for your space!

Finding the right piece can feel overwhelming - especially if you aren't sure where to look, or what to look for.  That's where I can help!  I've done it for dozens of people, with great success. Awesome, quality stuff IS out there.  And I'll find a piece that will suit you perfectly.  The fee for this service has no expiration date, meaning once I get your payment, I don't stop searching until we find what you are looking for.

Furniture Transformation

Maybe you have a piece that's been sitting in your garage for years.  Or maybe I just found the perfect piece you've been looking for.  Now, it's time to give it a brand new look that you'll love.  I will clean, make minor repairs, prep, prime, and paint to your specifications.  I can create a custom stencil, add a beautiful monogram, or freehand nearly anything you can dream up.  Fee includes prep, primer, paint, any designs, and protective topcoat.  Add-ons can include new hardware, beautiful paper to line drawers, or new fabric to upholster with.  Costs will vary by individual piece.

*I can also create "soft items" to round out your space - custom cushions, window treatments, or throw pillows.  Just contact me for an estimate.

Mood Board

If you feel most comfortable shopping online, but want guidance to find what will work in your space, this option is great.  I'll ask you some design and lifestyle questions, and you'll tell me what kind of space you are dreaming of.  I'll put together a board that will give you a visual idea of how your room CAN look!  I can help you choose furniture, window treatments, rugs, lighting, accessories, and paint colors.  I'll provide you links to the exact items on the board.  You can buy all the items at once, and finish your room ASAP, or add pieces one a time.  But you won't be guessing your way to a beautiful space you'll love to live in.  This can also include pieces I will create to your specifications (priced per piece), as you can see in the example below.   If you prefer to DIY it, I can point you to great tutorials and videos to help you make the project a success.

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