Sunday, July 8, 2012

But I NEED a cute place to store my rags!

Friends, let me just say that I'm fully aware of my upper middle class life and all the blessings that go with it. There are so many people all over the world who have real, serious challenges they face. This is not one of them. But. I really needed a nice way to store rags under my kitchen sink, and the crumpled up wad of clean rags that I had shoved into a plastic grocery bag just wasn't cuttin' it anymore. SO yes, I did spend my Saturday night making a pretty box... for my rags. Here goes: I had an empty box from Costco that their kitchen trash bags come in. It's heavy duty cardboard, and has a really generously sized opening in the front. Just the right size, to say, shove rags into and pull them out of... Serendipity, right?!

I also had the remnants of a roll of the most awesome wrapping paper ever, thank you to Martha Stewart and Wally world.

I got scissors and tape, and it's pretty much as simple as this... I wrapped up the Costco box like a present. (Stay with me here)

I cut a hole where the box opening was in the front. I carefully cut it larger until it was just about the right size and shape of the actual opening. Then I folded the wrapping paper over the edge of the opening, and taped that stuff down so that Hurricane Andrew couldn't blow it off (because I will be shoving rags into this thing, like, all the time, and that's my favorite wrapping paper, darn it, and I don't want to have that piece wasted!)

 Once that was taped down, I got out my black Sharpie. I got out my "typewriter" font set of stencils, thank you Martha Stewart, and Michael's.

Then, upon my pretty trash bag box, I stenciled, (still with me?) "RagS" I sat the box under my sink. I shoved it full of rags and rejoiced at my cleverness.

(ugh - btw, this wrapping paper looks yellow in some of these pics. It's not.  It's blue and white. )

So there you have it.  World peace? Um... no.
A peaceful sigh when I open up the cabinet under my sink to clean up the umpteenth spill of the week?  YES!

And PS - while I was at it, I made a little label and put my dishwasher detergent gel pacs in a thrifted glass jar.  Super smile!

Go in peace. Somebody probably spilled something while you were reading this.


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  1. I love this idea, did something similar for plastic bags a while ago:0)

    I have awarded your lovely blog, cheek this out!


  2. Found this over at HomeTalk. Great idea! And please don't apologize for prettying up your space! There is nothing wrong with that! ( and you repurposed something that would of been trash!)
    PS I am now following you

  3. Anne - What a cute idea to clean up under the sink. Here's another organizational idea with boxes: I buy the pretty kleenex designer boxes and, when the tissues are all gone, they are great for keeping up with those plastic grocery bags that multiply in our house like bunnies in heat. We use them to dispose of the litter box cleanups, unused chicken bones/parts when cooking, etc.