Thursday, January 26, 2012

Laundry is movin' on up soon

Rainy Thursday = a chance to stay inside and be a homebody... Yay!

I'm also thinking a lot about our new space that we'll move into soon. 
It has the laundry, stackable front loaders, in a closet in the kitchen.
I'm super excited about the convenience factor - I have moved the laundry out of the basement in the last two houses we've owned because it is a LIFE changer, so I am glad to have it on the main living level, I'm just concerned about storing supplies and having clothes all over the joint...

So I'm on the hunt for some good ideas to keep the stuff contained.

I found this:
Incredible door

And these:
Awesome shelves

Both of these were found on Pinterest, which by the way... life is really getting in the way of me spending all my time there.  I mean, I can't constantly be expected to stop pinning just because people need to eat and the house needs to be taken care of.... sheesh.

Happy Thursday.

Hope you're warm and dry inside somewhere today.


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  1. Isn't Pinterest wonderful?! I have so many great ideas for when finally buy a house.