Saturday, February 11, 2012

(black not quite taking)

(hello blue oops paint!)

(I used a paper folder and pencil to mark the lines I wanted to paint)

 (my little owl helper)

(random husband juggling pic - just for fun)

The chevron thing is everywhere right now - and for good reason.  It's awesome!  The blue is a semi-gloss tiffany blue that was $2 for a quart in the oops section at Home Depot.  As luck would have it, it's perfect for this desk, and I would have picked it out myself if it wasn't someone else's oops.  The white is just plain old semi-gloss white.  The hardware is original and I've sprayed it with one coat of black lacquer-y paint, but it isn't taking all the way yet...we'll see how a second coat takes.

This has been a great project - and St Vincent de Paul had a great wood chair for $2 that is going to go with this guy.

Anyone else working on a project?


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