Saturday, April 21, 2012

Let there be light!

My first lamp makeover is done!  This little light o mine was a whopping $4 at the flea market run by a nearby children's home as their source of revenue.  It was really ugly.

But it worked and was in great shape and I thought the raised flowery vines painted on the front had potential.

So I spray painted the shade white.  It was kind of yellowed and not pretty.

It took more coats than I thought, and honestly isn't my favorite..but it will do for now.

After I primed the lamp base, I used the $2 blue oops paint that I got at Home Depot for the desk I painted.

 (Did you spot our Knuffle Bunny on the counter? ;-)

I decided to paint around the flowery vines, and I did those separately with a plain white semi gloss.

My kiddos joined in the painting fun. :-)

The night before I added some ribbon trim to the lamp shade.

I just used Aleene's glue and did a little section of ribbon at a time, and pinched it til it held.  It was really easy, and I did it while I watched the new HGTV show with Lara Spencer called Flea Market Flip.  So perfect, right?  DOING a flea market flip while WATCHING flea market flip!

I am really really happy with the way the ribbon turned out.

Finally time to reassemble and see if it all works together.
Here's the lamp that we were using on her dresser.  I think we got it for free when we bought some bedroom furniture about 7 years ago.  Sigh.

And yeah, the paint job in her room is still a work in progress.  We patched all the holes when we moved in and we haven't decided yet what to paint in here.  I love her room, though.  It's under the eaves of the house and is so sweet and cozy...perfect for a little girl.

So...drumroll please... here's the finished product!

LOVE!  There is nothing like the satisfaction of taking an ugly duck and turning it into a lovely swan.

Now... onto the shoe rack nightstand project.

Happy Saturday!


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