Saturday, September 7, 2013

Best of Craigslist this week in Cincinnati!


Taking a break from the bathroom reno to share some awesome things (with awesome price tags) that I found on Craigslist this week.  As I've said before, I don't know these sellers.  I haven't seen these pieces.  If you decide to buy them, be smart and be careful!

1. Chic bistro set.  $25 - Get the rust off this thing.   Paint it a hot color.  Sip coffee and look adorable.  Repeat last step as much as possible. :-)

2.   Set of four bar stools. $85 - Bar stools are ridiculously expensive.  Don't fall for it!  Buy these.  Re-cover the seats in hip fabric.  Smile every time you sit on them.  

3. Oval wall mirror.  $25 - Gold is back.  Buy this.  Hang in on the front of a bookcase.  Look like you just fell out of House Beautiful.  (Here's the link to where I found this pic.  However the source listed there is a dead end...)

4.  Buy this. Just trust me.  It's $50!!  And oh my word, it's beautiful.

5. Don't buy this.  Because I am :-) For the money, you cannot beat an old coffee table like this.  Paint it  a soft color and distress it, then sit back and watch people ooh and aah.  

like this:

Or, skip the soft color and paint it bright yellow and watch people offer you $115 for it.   
like this:

Either way, it has great lines and storage! $10- what??

Hope you have a great weekend!


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