Friday, September 20, 2013

What I'd buy on Craigslist this week

Happy Friday!

Since my last Craigslist post, I had a friend contact me, and now one of my recommended CL finds is residing in my basement for her. :-) It's even better in person!  

The sellers said it belonged to their Grandma and they never seemed to find the right place for it. They called it the pumpkin chair.  I expect you'll see this in some fall sessions with the lovely and talented Emily Thies.

Now, onto some new finds!

I'm no vintage expert, and I cannot even for certain tell you the difference between wicker and rattan.  But I can tell you this old thing can still look fresh and modern, in a living room, on a covered porch... it just works.

Here's the stool version. A set of two for $400 on Etsy.
You can leave the wicker as-is and it will work in almost any room.  Or, you can try this and give it a French vintage vibe.

2. You could use these $40 glass display cabinets for anything. 

Of course, paint them white and store your dishes.

Make them all rustic and keep towels in them in your bath.
Add a great vintage-looking graphic to the doors and go old school.

Or paint the inside purple and put all your shoes on display.

If you're going to put a desk in a room, why not take advantage of the space above it - valuable real estate. A hutch like this does just that.  

I'm loving this minty green color.  

Very fresh.  Very Martha.  Might just make you want to sit down and pay the bills.

4. Here's a waterfall dresser (called that because the top front edge is rounded like, well, a waterfall. 

Ahem.  Pick this thing up for $45 (it looks like it's in great shape!) and do this.  I just love it.

5. Here's another tip when you're trolling Craigslist.  Every once in a while, go check the *Free section.  Yup, Free.  There will be lots of stuff like this:

BUT.  Every once in a while, there will be stuff like THIS:

Or these:

The *asterisk with these listings is that the good stuff often goes FAST.  You kind of have to be willing to get into your car the second you see something good.  But, hey.  It's free.

That's all for now.
No go forth and SAFELY start shopping the world's pre-loved items.  Make me proud!


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