Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Grout, trim, caulk and spackle. The end is in sight!

Grout for the subway tiled tub/shower went up on our little bathroom project, and by little, I mean the biggest thing Dad, Keith and I have ever tackled.  :-)
We used a white, unsanded grout.  And wow, what a difference it makes!! If you look at this first picture, you can see where the grout has been applied to the upper left hand corner.

 You can also see the beadboard went up all around the room.  It comes in 4x8 foot sheets for $20.

We cut it so that it ran 4 feet high, put Liquid Nails on the back, and then nailed it for real into the studs. WHAT an improvement!
A standard chair rail tops it off.  Make sure it's level.  Liquid Nails on back. Nail it in.

I also primed the cabinets for the recessed shelves/built-ins.

 Don't forget to go back and sand once your primer is on.  Mucho important.  It will give you the nice, smooth finish you want.

 Once they were primed, and had a few coats of paint on them (Behr Ultra White out of the can), it was time to hang them.  The were screwed into studs and into pieces in the back that my Dad and Keith put in. These puppies aren't going anywhere!

 You can see in the back where the shower head also got installed.  Yay! It's Moen the Caldwell line.

We chose a piece of door/window trim to put around the mirror and shelves.  It was mitered on the ends and fit together really nicely.  I think it makes the whole thing look more cohesive and "done".

Once the shelves were in and the beadboard, chair rail, trim, and baseboards were in, it was time to spackle nail holes, any spots in the wall that still looked lumpy, recessed, or just not flat. It goes on pink and when it's white, you know it's dry.

 After the spackle was dried, we gave it good sanding, wiped it down and it was time to caulk! (I will admit, I LOVE caulk.  It's like magic. It can hide a multitude of "sins" or just areas that aren't perfect, and if you have ever owned an older house, you are one of the members of the "nothing here is 90 degrees club." :-)

I am behind on my posts - next up is the new light fixture from our sweet friends at National Builder Supply, paint and finishing details, including a brand spankin new shower curtain from the great people at JCPenney (which I am secretly plotting to buy myself and put in my own bathroom).  WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!


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