Friday, October 4, 2013

What I'd buy on Craigslist this week and two awesome thrift store finds

Hi friends!

Made my first pot of chili... I love fall.  But it's also the time of year that yard sales tend to start winding down where I live. So, besides the thrift store, Craigslist is my fix. :-)

So here goes:

1. This adorable white spindle table.  It has great lines and detail.  And it's $35.

Put it in a girls room.  Or the guest room.  Or the bathroom.  Or the living room.

I think I'd leave it white, although this looks awesome painted bright blue.

2. This $25 planting table/workbench.  If you have room for it, please buy it so that when I build my garage I can buy it from you.  :-)  
This one is featured at

I must be feeing lazy this week because I actually like this just the way it is, too, although this one in white is so great.  Doesn't it just make you want to plant something??
I just love the idea of a place to store your tools, and pots, and watering can and cute garden gloves.  Organize it all this fall so that when spring comes, you're ready to roll.

3. Pick up this very vintage 70's looking queen/full size headboard for $30.

Don't make that face.  I'm telling you, bad 60's and 70's furniture with all the carvings and turned posts on it is the BEST stuff to paint.  Looks fabulous.
Don't believe me?  Now, it's not identical, but our friends over at Pottery Barn would ask you to cough up $1500 for their white version, the Caroline bed.

But if you don't want to use it as a headboard, you can do what this brilliant woman did and turn it into a fantastic front porch welcome sign.... what?! I love that!!!

Heck this other headboard is a measley $10.

Paint the panel with chalkboard paint and rotate messages.  Seriously? People are so smart.  This is just adorable.

4. These $6 footstool legs are so great (so long as they are sturdy - and I'd ask when I contact the seller.)

Besides having a pretty footstool around to look at,

I think it's great to have in case a little one would like to pull a chair up to the coffee table and color or something.  Get a piece of plywood, some foam and batting and cover it in anything you want! You could easily add higher sides to it like this one, also.

I also think it would be cute to put next to a kid's bed if the bed sits up high.  Sooo cute.

5. I think this is a very old antique rocking chair.

And I bet it would look amazing recovered and updated in a very special little one's room.  Can you see it?  I sure can.  That's exactly what these people did.

What a cool piece!

As I mentioned up top, I went thrifting this week (to escape the madding news coverage of the government shutdown #furious) and scored two great for me!

Here they are - a vintage 60's or 70's coffee table (remember? great pieces to paint) and this unusual arm chair.

It was the woodwork on the front of this chair that had me at hello. SO cool!! I cannot wait to see it in a fresh new fabric and a coat of paint. Those turned legs and carvings are just going to pop!

And I am keeping the coffee table.  More about that later.
Remember, friends, if you decide to buy something on Craigslist, BE SMART.  I do not know any of these sellers - and I always try to make my Craigslist interactions as transparent as possible... take someone with you.  If the piece isn't huge, you can ask to meet in a public place like a grocery store parking lot.  If your gut tells your something isn't right, listen to it.

Now, that said, get out there and do something awesome!



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