Thursday, October 10, 2013

What I'd Buy on Craigslist This Week

Hi there!
It has been an absolutely gorgeous week here in the Cincinnati area.  For that I am truly grateful.
I hope fall is being kind to you, wherever you may be.

Let's dig right in, shall we?

1. A $100 set of brown leather chairs that looks like they're brand new.  

These are timeless, and a steal at this price.  Put them in a living room with the fireplace and a soft throw... heaven.

2.  This cool cast-iron-looking light fixture for $30.  

Use it to dress up a hallway

or hang it someplace a bit more unexpected, like a master bath.

3. I have no good theory as to why these people are giving this cool red chair away for $5 but that's just something I say to thank the Craigslist gods for, take it, and run. :-) 

I'd love it in a boy's room like this one.  

Clean lines, great color, not childish at all, but kid-friendly nonetheless. And hello... It's $5!!

4. This great secretary

Oh, you thought it was just a drawer? Nope. This listing is just a victim of poor photo placement.  And I bet 186 other people skipped right by it, which is unfortunate because THIS is the great secretary, and it's $30.

Yes, you can certainly use it in a living or bedroom. But what about putting it to work in a bathroom like this one in House Beautiful magazine

The height makes it great for using the vertical space, and there are shelves and drawers all ready to store your things.  Takes that room up three notches instantly.

5. This fun little bar cart.  

I think this is adorable. $50 may be a little high in my totally uninformed opinion.
Use it in the kitchen or on your porch to hold flowers and offer somewhere to sit your coffee cup
(and this one even got a monogram!)

When you're entertaining, open the sides and you have an instant (rolling) mini-buffet. 

Or better yet, tie aprons on your kids, load some goodies on this thing, and have them play waiter or waitress when Grandma and Grandpa come over. :-)

So there you have it. And as always, if you buy from Craigslist, be smart, be safe, and for Pete's sake, let me know what you got!


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