Friday, January 24, 2014

The three things that are getting me through January

Hi Friends!

Since I like to keep it real here on this tiny slice of blogland, I will tell you I am doing so much better than I did this time last year.  I haven't made it a secret, I don't think, that I struggle with depression, and winter tends to kick my butt. This year, I am doing way better and I am attributing my well-being to three things. These aren't a prescription for anyone else.  They are simply what has worked for me.

1. I started hitting the treadmill in November. Hard. 

Running is not for everyone. But for me, it is a release. I swear I can FEEL the endorphins release. I run. I sweat. I crank up my music. I feel better. I have found myself unable to feel depressed, and run at the same time. Just my experience. But I am swearing by the preventive maintenance that starting back up on a running routine has given me this winter.  And I'm down a few pounds. That's always a pick-me-up!

2. Aveda Tea. 

It's ridiculously expensive. My sweet mother-in-law gives me a box every Christmas and I LOVE IT. It's hot. It doesn't need any sugar or sweeteners. It just makes me feel good. So if I go through the whole box this month, so be it.

3. I learned to knit.  

Again, my mother-in-law gets partial credit for this. She's made all of our Christmas stockings by crocheting and I asked her if she knew how to knit.  She said, "sort of - but you should take a class."  

So I called up my local knitting shop (called Knitwits - adorable) and did just that. 

I took a few friends with me and we had a great time!

 Loads of beautiful, snuggly, yarn, in a gorgeous rainbow of colors.  How could you not want to make something?!

I loved the two ladies who own the shop. They were sweet as can be.

In just a couple of days I completed my first project, that my 5 year-old wanted to wear. 


So, I run. And drink my tea. And knit.

And there's something in all of that, that is just... good.

January isn't so bad after all. 




  1. Sounds like your year is off to a great start! I would love to learn how to knit. Your first piece looks so good - and your daughter is so sweet to be your model! :)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I am dreaming of warmer weather and the trip to HotLanta for Haven 2014! You going again? I'd love to see you girls again!