Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bathroom Reno Is Taking Shape - What's Been Bought So Far

In case you missed it, my Dad and I are getting ready to renovate a bathroom for a family friend.  Here's the first post, if you want to get up to speed.  Bottom line is, she really needs a new bathroom on a small budget, and we're going to do it for her!

This is Dad - waiting for her to meet us at the house.  #stepintoouroffice :-)

We all three went and hit the big box stores this week.

Mrs. H got her new sink faucet, and tub/shower faucet.  Moen Caldwell in Oil Rubbed Bronze (sink) and the shower one is here.

Very nice - it'll be a huge upgrade!

She also picked out an overhead light/vent combo.
There is currently no overhead light or vent in her bathroom.  Again, big upgrade coming.
However, after reading the reviews of the model she bought, we may exchange it.

I think she's also settled on a new vanity.  This one's a combo, sold at Lowe's and it comes with a granite top.

Again, I went and read the reviews and we'll take a look at the piece we get once it's out of the box.  I'm on the fence about it so far.
We did look at Home Depot but she wants a darker cabinet and we only have 27" of width to play with.  I found it hard to get something in the size we needed.

We (ok, I talked my Dad and Ms. H into it) have decided we are going to try and do a built-in to the right of the new vanity mirror, to give Ms. H some badly needed storage.  This is the picture I found that is pretty much exactly her floor plan.  I love it!

There's no closet or anything in this bathroom, and right now she's got a freestanding bathroom shelving unit over her toilet.

It's fine, but in a room this small, that takes up an awful lot of visual space.  I'd love to get that out of there, and recess some shelves for her.  Now, that said, neither Dad nor I have ever done a built-in like this before so it will be a learning process!

That's where we are so far.  I have to admit, my fingers are absolutely itching to get in and start the demo of this room.
Could it be because I now have this (to quote my 8 year-old) WICKED set of new tools from the awesome peeps at Ryobi? (a prize for Tweeting my little brains out about the Ryobi gang who came to this year's Haven Conference.)

Yeah, it could.  #ryobirockshaven

You'll just have to wait til next week to see me learn how to use a reciprocating saw.  I know, I can't wait, either.  Insert schoolgirl-like squeal of happiness here. :-)


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