Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bathroom Reno - It's Demo Day!

Bathroom Reno
Day One

There are at least five boxes of pink and beige tile on the curb outside Ms. H's house tonight.  As well as a dismantled vanity, the old sink and faucet, medicine cabinet, and three boxes of ripped out drywall.

We got tons done today.  But as with pretty much any major reno, there were some hiccups.

First, we had planned on adding a new overhead light/vent combo.  Dad and I looked up in the attic, and upon further examination, realized that was going to be quite a bit more complex than we had planned. 

There is a large HVAC duct in the way, and the bathroom vent would need to be run outside.  The roof is quite low near the edge of the house, making the space we'd have to work in pretty small.  
We were bummed.  After deliberation, we reluctantly decided that was probably biting off more than we could chew.  
So on we went with demo.  Here's one last look at it, it all its pink tiled glory. 

Demo went relatively quickly.  But there were only a few fixtures and screws that required me to use my awesome new Ryobi drill.   Don't worry... I'll find more excuses to use you, my little friend. :-)

I was feeling generous and even let my Dad borrow my new toy.

Ms. H got in on the action, too...buh bye wallpaper!

We also ran into a hiccup where we planned to put built-in shelves over the toilet.  

But once we removed the medicine cabinet, we could see behind the drywall, and found that there's a plumbing vent running all the way up the wall right smack in the middle of where we were planning on having a nice big built-in.


It was about lunch time when we found this.  My brain was sorely under-caffeinated at that point.  Time to refuel and re-evaluate.
This is where it would be pretty easy to get frustrated.  But that's par for the course on jobs like this.  You have to be able to adapt.
I have a plan to work around it, I think.  Can you guess what it is?



  1. I love what you guys are doing! I have to admit...I'm a little sad to see that wallpaper go... ;)

    1. Thanks! That wallpaper was shine-tastic...the room already feels so different without it!