Friday, August 16, 2013

Best of Craigslist this week! New Friday fun post!

I love Craiglist.  It's no secret.  I sometimes just scroll through and hunt for various things and star them because I wish I had more room in my house or a client who would LOVE them enough to ask me to pretty please pick it up for them and paint it some fabulous color.  Sigh.

So without further ado, here are my favorite CL finds from my area this week.  In no order whatsoever.

AND - If you or anyone else decides to buy these things, PLEASE use all the good safety precautions that are always a good idea when buying stuff from strangers.  If you aren't sure - ask. 


1. Glass Cabinet Doors - Oh I would love to use these in a home reno.  They would add instant character to a room

2. Antique Desk - Pretty please someone ask me to pick this up for them and paint it a fabulous color.  Or two.  It would really look fantabulous in two.  With shabby finishing.  Thank you.  And PS - it's $80!!

3. The glass.  The hardware.  The woodwork.  I am drooling on my keyboard.  Someone needs this hutch.

4. This poor lady just needs to be rescued.  Can you picture the After on this one?!  The challenge alone is worth $30!

That is all.  You may go about your regularly scheduled Friday-ness.


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