Sunday, August 18, 2013

Daughter-Dad Design: A friend's old bathroom

My Dad and I are good pals these days.  He's my go-to guy for many of the projects I do.  Anything that needs fixing, shoring up, or building gets put in Dad's capable hands.

He's been DIYing stuff, big and small, since way before DIYing anything was cool.  He's retired now, so we have loads of fun together when we get to work on projects.  (Here's the link to the post when we built this cool hall bench, for a good cause!)

The next thing we're doing is a complete bathroom reno for a good family friend.

We'll call her Ms. H here - and she's been friends with my parents literally for decades (she's with my little girl in the pic.)  She and my mom are both nurses and have spent their whole lives taking care of other people.
My mom's on the left, and another very good friend is on the right.  Aren't they adorable?

Ms. H has a small home that she shares with her furry companions.  Recently, the house caught fire.  The damage was extensive.  Thankfully, insurance took care of almost eveything.  Almost.  The home's one and only bathroom was left untouched.

It's in need of a top-top-bottom reno.  The "vintage" pink porcelain tile was probably swanky in its heyday but now it's falling off.

The tub and toilet will stay.  Everything else - tile, fixtures, vanity, light, linoleum floor, medicine cabinet, and yes, the shiny wallpaper all must go.

Dad and I took Ms. H to Home Depot last week to look around and try and narrow down some choices and pick a direction for the room to go.  I'm very happy with where we ended up after only one day of work, and as soon as we gather our supplies it's go time.
Ms. H will go stay with a friend while we're doing this, so it will not be a do-it-in-our-spare-time sort of event.  We need to rock and roll!  I'm very excited and a little nervous.

Dad's done bathrooms before - bigger than this one - by himself.  Tile, fixtures, all of it.  He's very skilled.

I am his apprentice.  I'm eager.  And I have designed bathrooms from the studs up in two homes that my husband and I have owned.  They turned out fabulously, and stayed mostly on budget, if I do say so myself, so I feel good about at least being able to contribute that way.

Right now, Ms. H is agreeable to doing a white subway tile with some decorative white accents around the shower.  I love it.  Subway tile can do no wrong in my book.  It goes with everything.  I think it will be a perfect choice for this home's one bath.

 For the floor, we're thinking these 6"x6" tiles will be perfect.  It's a small room, so keeping these tiles proportional will be good, and rather than doing a 12"x12" tile, these will give us more grout lines on the floor, which will help with traction.
Ms. H likes oil rubbed bronze fixtures (great taste, right?) so we'll go with that.

Beyond that, no decisions have been made.  We've got our work cut out for us but we are ready!

And last week, I got in touch with the awesome people at National Builder Supply.  They heard about Ms. H's story and have GENEROUSLY offered an item from their website to put in the bathroom!  A light fixture, maybe? A sink?  It's so good of them.  And I know Ms. H will appreciate it.  I'll let you know what gets chosen, and of course, I'll have pics once we start demo-ing this baby!  My fingers are itching, I will confess.

I spotted this room on Houzz.  Same layout as Ms. H's.  Nice right? (source below)

(source: Creative Eye Design + Build, via Houzz)
Pretty soon, I hope I'll be able to share just a lovely an "after" photo with you here!


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